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East Coast Metals high standards for the quality of manufactured steel stairs are an essential part of any commercial construction project where access to multiple levels is required. East Coast Metals has the equipment and materials needed to fabricate a variety of stair configurations such as grate stairs, 4′, 5′ or double wide steel staircases. Located in Florida, East Coast Metals has built a solid reputation by producing large, high quality steel elements and stair fabrications. We employ highly qualified welders to meet our commitment to the delivery of on time and accurate steel stairs to each and every one of our valued customers. Certified welders build stairs to your unique stair specifications, including welding; grinding; and prime painting as specified. East Coast Metals specializes in fabricating custom railings, hand railings, steel stairways, mezzanines, catwalks and fabricating structural trusses.



Steel handrails are designed to provide stability, support and a continuous graspable surface to insure safety regulations are upheld. One of the most frequent fall hazards are handrails that are too small or too large to grasp, or do not permit continuous grasping along their length. The hand should be able to slide along the handrail without interruption from above the top step to above the bottom step. Injuries from handrails result when individuals lose their balance and try to grasp an unsafe or short handrail. East Coast Metals manufactures steel handrails fabricated in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Aluminum and stainless steel railings are a rust free, minimal maintenance alternative to steel. East Coast Metals fabricates with a wide range of durable materials at a manufacturing facility located in South Florida.