The Stables Testimonial
August 20, 2021

I was out at our project known as “The Stables” (fka “The Village of Golf”) earlier last week and had the opportunity to meet with Brad Pritchard and John Livingway while out there…and I couldn’t be happier with the progress of the job. As we all know, having the right subcontractors as part of our team is absolutely critical to the success of any job, and when I was asking about who was doing a particularly good job for us, your company was one of the subcontractors that our team was especially complimentary of – and as a result, I wanted to extend my personal gratitude to you and your company for the fantastic work up there.

When I asked our team about some specifics regarding why they’re so complimentary of you and your company, they shared that the ECMS team “set steel and had deck ready in 3 weeks and set the pace with Bertolami for this structure to be in the position it is now. The ECMS Project Manager was at the jobsite within hours whenever we needed to speak with him”. Now that’s one heck of an endorsement - and I can assure you that Brad and our team were truly impressed with (and appreciative of!) that type of performance – and as such it is something that definitely bears mentioning…and our gratitude.

To this end, please know that we’re grateful to have teammates such as yourself and your organization on this project, and I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment and send you this note of genuine thanks and appreciation – it’s a pleasure to work with good folks such as yourselves and I am indeed genuinely grateful for your doing such a great job for us up there.

Finally, we of course look forward to “getting across the finish line” together in the timing and manner needed - and are confident that with subcontractors such as yourselves as part of the team, we will do just that!

Home Testimonail
April 13, 2015

I wanted to drop you (Daymon) a note, thanking you and the rest of the East Coast Metal Structures team for the continued job well done on the Value Store It - SW 8th project. Your team has stepped up to aid with keeping our tight/rigorous project schedule and looking to top out the project in July. From shop drawings through the structural steel erection your team has handled every challenge/task with a positive team-oriented attitude, making the most agonizing issues minute, which has been the case since you and I started working together three years ago. I would definitely recommend East Coast Metal Structures as a qualified and well-organized structural steel erection firm with the capabilities to complete a plethora of projects ranging in all sizes.

Chip Angenendt
June 27, 2016

I want to congratulate ECM on the great work that Scott and the crew have done up at ACURL. We appreciate the cooperation and the quality of the installation.

Tom Livera
June 27, 2016

East Coast Metals recently completed the Rick Case Volkswagen project located in Davie Florida to the satisfaction of all – Stiles Construction, the owner and architect as well as the special inspection company…. Their shop drawing quality was excellent and their response time to changes was as quick as could be. Once released, they fabricated their materials in days and had a large crew on the job installing the materials once ready. East Coast Metals structural framing for the building’s exterior was on the schedule's critical path, and they came thru and completed their work ahead of schedule. They also did a considerable amount of miscellaneous metals work on the project, and the finished product was always to a high standard. Their employees are very skilled and easy to work with…. I would recommend East Coast Metals to anyone seeking their services.

Joe Easton
April 17, 2015

As you know, East Coast over the years has provided T&G Constructors with efficient service. You provided quality work, and competitive pricing on several projects for our clients including Doral Country Club, Sam’s Club, and Miami Dade College, just to name a few. You were able to meet our schedules and deadlines due to good planning and hard work. When opportunities arose you were always accessible to help troubleshoot any issues to keep the project moving forward. For this I thank you. To this day, I know I can always count on you at East Coast Metal Structures for any of my projects.

Eddie Arvesu
April 17, 2015

It is with great pleasure that U.S. Construction Corp. recommends East Coast Metals. We have worked with them for a number of years… When it comes to scheduling and working within budgets, East Coast Metals is on board from day one, working closely with our team to identify and implement the required tasks to fulfill the goals of the project. An example of this was a ground-up, free-standing Carrabbas Italian Grill Restaurant in Port St. Lucie, FL. The project broke ground on May 12th and was completed and serving patrons dinner the third week of August. We could not have done it without the preplanning, coordination, and professional implementation of the very qualified team at East Coast Metals. We are very pleased with East Coast Metals performance and look forward to a continuing and prosperous relationship as both of our organizations continue to grow.

Ben Abernathy
April 27, 2015

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to know the principals for over 25 years. In the past and at present East Coast has performed for AB Knight, structural steel and miscellaneous metals, fabricated and installed. One of the advantages of working with East Coast Metal Structures is that all functions of their scope of work are performed ‘in-house’. From shop drawings to engineering, from fabrication to erection. This type of business model provides the opportunity to save time and time is cost. I will continue to forward East Coast work and I am proud to say that they have forwarded work to AB Knight.

Arthur Camp
April 27, 2015

I have worked quite extensively, in a professional capacity, with East Coast Metal Structures, Corp., over the last nine years. As a Professional Engineer, this has included the design function, detailing structural steel (and much more)… With this in-depth knowledge of their operations, I can confidently state that their organization adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards in both the fabrication and the erection of their product. They carry and maintain all licenses, welding certifications, and competency requirements for the counties and regions in which they do business. They also follow all projects directives (e.g. request form bldg. dept. inspectors, joist/girder/deck manuf. Directions, EOR, and GC requests, etc.) as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is a pleasure doing business with East Coast.