Chip Post, Featured Speaker, Presents “Humanitarian of the Year” Award

Last week Chip Post, VP of ECMD, was a featured speaker at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Chip also presented Don “The Dragon” Wilson, legendary kick boxer and film star, the “Humanitarian of the Year” award for his contributions in the movie “The Martial Arts Kid.” Don was recognized for this award for the movie message and efforts he brought out in the anti-bullying campaign. Sadly, statistics show that over 170,000 children stay home from school every day due to bullying. We are proud at East Coast to be part of the fight against bullying and to help send the message to prevent it. Chip Post has been part of the East Coast family for the past seven years. We are proud of all that he does, inside and outside of work. We are also proud to be the sponsor of the United States Amateur Kickboxing team which Chip coaches. Coming soon, East Coast will again be sponsoring the United States team and sending them to Cuba in a historic event that should be the final meltdown of what our parents grew up in known as the Cold War.