Lantana Shop/Office Location


Our Lantana location is shared between our Miscellaneous Metals shop and our office staff and serves as the headquarters for our operations. Our office staff is all inclusive and ranges from Project Managers and Detailers, to our accounting staff and Owners of the company. With all of our office staff being in one location, we are able to collaborate with everyone in order to make sure our projects run smoothly and on time. In addition, our Miscellaneous Metals shop designs and fabricates a number of high-quality products that our clients need such as rails, stairs, and louvers just to name a few. This will soon be combined with our Structural Steel shop in Indiantown, FL!

Riviera Beach Image

Riviera Beach

Our Riviera Beach location focuses primarily on Structural Steel. It's also the location of our 3D modeling robotic machinery and paint booth. As shown in the pictures, this facility is much larger in comparison to Lantana, as our Structural Steel fabricators require much more space and large equipment in order to house and fabricate all of the Structural Steel. The Riviera Beach location is also home to our amazing team of in-house mechanics. With our scale of operations, we require heavy machinery to be used every day and thankfully, we have a team of trained professionals to make sure our teams out in the field have all the tools they need to get the job done. This will soon be combined with our Miscellaneous Metals shop in Indiantown, FL!

Indiantown Image


We are excited to announce that we will be building a new location in Indiantown, FL! This building is already in progress and is currently in the design phase of construction. We expect to complete this building in 2024 and once complete, the Indiantown location will be taking over the responsibility of both shops (Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals). This will be a 100,000 sq. ft. facility on over 10 acres of land which is 50% larger than both of our current shops combined! We are excited to increase productivity and efficiency of our work all at one location! Our headquarters and office staff will still be located in the beloved Lantana, FL.

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